Custom Blog URLs

It's really easy to use a custom web address with your Bloopist blog. You can get it up and running in less than an hour by following the directions below!

  1. Edit your Bloopist blog's domain and subdomain to whatever you like
    • If you want your blog to be at, set your blog's subdomain to www, and your domain to
  2. Buy your domain from Google Domains for $12 per year
  3. Go to Google Domains and click the DNS button for your domain
  4. Under Custom resource records, create a new record
    • NAME = your blog's subdomain
    • TYPE = CNAME
    • TTL can be left blank
    • DATA =

After saving your CNAME record, it will take up to one hour for your blog to appear at your custom domain.

If you have any difficulties setting your custom domain, email kurt at bloopist dot com with your questions.