What's New at the Bloop

CORS Vulnerability Patched

Bloopist was alerted to a CORS vulnerability by Jens Mueller on August 21, 2017. That vulnerability is now patched. More details can be found in Fixing CORS Security Holes.

Bloopist Uptime Issues Resolved

Bloopist suffered a ton of downtime over the past couple months. Downtime was around 1 or 2 full days per month due to server instability. The issue was very difficult to track down, but it seems...

Sample Code to Get AJAX Calls Working in a Bloopist Post

This is a simple test post to show that jQuery can be used to retrieve JSON data from the Bloopist servers and display it in the current page. The code is contained within an iframe sandbox to...

jQuery Libraries to Use on Bloopist

Bloopist allows users to embed javascript in their blog posts. Normally, it isn't safe to allow users to upload arbitrary JavaScript. Malicious users could upload JavaScript that steals login...

Bloopist Unplanned Downtime 11/16/2015

Bloopist was down unexpectedly for about 21 hours from 11:54 pm (on 11/15/2015) to 8:15 pm today (11/16/2015) central time.